One Piece is among the longest-running animated series currently airing. It is inspired by a manga that is equally as long and has yet to reach its conclusion. 

The first chapter of One Piece, one of the most well-known manga and anime series, was published in 1997. Fans decided to celebrate the release of episode 1000 in One Piece’s ongoing anime and manga.

Since the series is still airing, there will be over 1000 episodes, not all of which are canon in One Piece. The watch order for One Piece and the filler episodes to skip are provided below. Because they aren’t crucial to the plot, One Piece fans can skip all these episodes.

One Piece Filler Episodes

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In shonen anime, filler arcs are common. When there is no more manga for the anime to adapt, the animation studio will make up its plot to pass the time until the manga has progressed far enough for them to continue adapting it. There aren’t many filler episodes, except One Piece, which is a rare exception. 

Many episodes have their content padded by incorporating fillers alongside canon material. It significantly slows down the action and, for many fans, makes anime nearly unwatchable at times. How many filler episodes are in One Piece?

One Piece features roughly 15 filler arcs and is one of the most popular and well-liked anime series ever. Even though watching the entire series, including the filler episodes, is advised, some viewers may need more fortitude to endure them. Below are all One Piece fillers to skip. Viewers are free to skip them if they choose. 

Episodes 54–61 – Apis Arc 

“The Warship Island Arc” is another name for it. In this storyline, Apis, a little girl, and his friend, Dragon Ryuji, are saved from marines by Luffy and his crew while also being helped to fly once more. There are 8 episodes in all from 54 to 61 in this arc.

Episodes 131–135 – After Alabasta Arc

Five standalone episodes that focus on the pasts and aspirations of the Straw Hat Pirates crew make up the “Post Arabasta Arc.” The only characters that do not receive an episode are Luffy and Robin. After the “Arabasta Arc,” they proceed. 

Episodes 136–138 – Goat Island Arc

The third filler arc in the One Piece anime is called the “Goat Island Arc.” Luffy and his crew are being pursued by Marines when they become disoriented in the fog and stumble upon an uncharted island. They discover that the island is solely home to many goats and an elderly guy named Zenny. While running from the Marines, headed by Moore and Minchey, and trying to get the older man’s ship into the ocean, the Straw Hat Pirates assist the elderly guy.

Episodes 139–143 – Rainbow Mist Arc

This fourth filler arc in the One Piece anime is called the “Ruluka Island Arc,” often known as the “Rainbow Mist Arc.” The ship of the Straw Hat Pirates anchored off the coast of Ruluka. An elderly guy is attempting to learn more about the enigmatic space-time rainbow mist in which his old pals are imprisoned, but a malevolent ex-pirate and his grandson are interested in something else. 

Episodes 196–206 – G-8 Arc

The fifth filler arc in the One Piece anime is titled the “G-8 Arc.” Following the Sky Island Saga events, the Going Merry crashes into the heavily defended seas of a marine base, which the crew must disperse to survive before attempting to recover their ship and sail away.

Episodes 220–224 – Ocean’s Dream Arc

These filler episodes begin with the Straw Hats on their trip to Water 7, but on the way, they all lose their memories. Only Robin has her memories since she didn’t get any sleep the night before. Now, to recover their memory, they must combat a strange beast.

Episodes 225–226 – Foxy’s Return Arc

Its seventh filler arc in the One Piece anime is “Foxy’s Return Arc.” It features the Straw Hat Pirates running into Foxy, Porche, and Hamburg once more and takes place shortly after the “Ocean’s Dream Arc.” A battle results from this encounter, which also brings about the meeting with Aokiji.

Episodes 326–335 – Ice Hunter Arc

The “Ice Hunter Arc,” also recognized as the “Lovely Land Arc,” is the eighth filler arc in the One Piece anime series. It follows the Straw Hat Pirates as they travel from Water 7 into the Florian Triangle, close to a winter island.

Episodes 382–384 – Spa Island Arc 

The “Spa Island Arc” is the ninth filler arc that premiered on December 21, 2008. It occurs after the “Thriller Bark Arc” and follows the Straw Hat Pirates during their stay on Spa Island, where they meet Foxy, Porche, and Hamburg.

Episodes 426–429 – Little East Blue Arc

The “Little East Blue Arc,” a special four-episode anime-only arc, is a prequel to “One Piece Film: Strong World.” The wicked plans of the Largo pirates were thwarted when Straw Hat Pirates arrived on this island.

Episode 575–578 – Z’s Ambition Arc 

The “Z’s Ambition Arc” is the eleventh filler arc, the very first filler arc following the time skip, and a buildup arc for the upcoming “One Piece Film: Z.” The Straw Hat Pirates land in the Maubeugemour Sea, a sub-sea of the New World, where they clash with the Neo Marines and Marines.

Episodes 626–628 – Caesar’s Retrieval Arc

In this arc, a strange figure enters the Thousand Sunny and takes Caesar Clown, who has already been taken, apart from the Straw Hat Pirates, who are sailing to Dressrosa. To continue with the strategy to overthrow Don Quixote Doflamingo and Kaidou, the recently established Heart-Hat alliance will have to bring Caesar back. However, getting the scientist back won’t be so simple because of their unusual talents.

Episodes 747–750 – Silver Mine Arc 

The “Silver Mine Arc” is the thirteenth filler arc after the time skip and the twelfth filler arc overall. It has a connection to “One Piece Film: Gold.” The Silver Pirate Alliance kidnaps Monkey D. Luffy and Bartolomeo, who then have to flee from a massive fortress on a silver mine.

Episodes 780–782 – Marine Rookie Arc 

This storyline occurs before Cake Island. Out of food, the Straw Hats decide to steal food out of a marine base they passed on their way to get Sanji from Big Mom.

Episodes 895–896 – Cidre Guild Arc

The fifth filler arc following the time skip, The “Cidre Guild Arc,” is the fifteenth filler arc overall. It has a connection to “One Piece: Stampede.” Luffy links up with Boa Hancock to take on the Cidre Guild’s bounty hunters while on his way to purchase soda for the Thousand Sunny.

Why Are These Episodes Skippable?

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There are several reasons to avoid those One Piece fillers. In the beginning, some of them could be better. They need something compelling enough to keep you interested or make it worthwhile to watch the entire thing. 

The 20th Anniversary Special, the “Rainbow Mist Arc,” and the “Alabasta” fillers are a few instances of this. Only watch them if you need anything to help you fall asleep because they were a complete snoozefest.

It would help if you avoided some of those arcs since they break up the plot, which is another reason. The “Boss Luffy” episodes, the “Enies Lobby” flashbacks, and the movie tie-ins aired amid significant story arcs. You could easily lose yourself in them, and all you’ll want to do is put them behind you.


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Viewers’ perspectives on One Piece fillers may differ. Therefore, you should see the One Piece fillers personally to determine which ones should be skipped or not if you want to make your judgment and are prepared to put in a little extra effort. 

Who knows? You may discover that the ones we said you should skip are good.

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